Mecchaapa Bird - Channeled Art by Manoamao Tribe, Andromeda
Mecchaapa Bird

Mecchaapa Bird

This image fell into my head in mid-creation of another work I was doing, and it was so compelling that I stopped what I was doing to complete it.

The recently-fortified connection with the artists from the Manoamao tribe have infused me with more appreciation for nature and its hidden wonders. The shaman that establishes the channel is a plant specialist, as seems to be a common specialty among the contact specialists I've been channeling lately.

He reminds us that:

"No matter which world you inhabit, there are wonders waiting for discovery on all levels of awareness. One's eyes can search for the subtle beauty present in the new shoots of a plant, in the complex detail of a flower petal, and in the multi-chroic feathers of a bird."

I was shown a world that was different---yet similar in that it incorporates land, and sea, and skies---where change is an accepted constant. Adoption of this construct would look like things morphing before your eyes, perhaps as you walked down the street. (This happens here on Earth all the time to some degree, but most people are too busy to notice or their belief systems don't accept it.)

The Mecchaapa bird depicted in this image is chalky white, and I've never seen an animal like that before. Not multi-chroic whatsoever! Even albino animals on Earth still have sheen to their body covering, but this one didn't have that. The bird was presented to me in a very stylized manner, and I fought tooth and nail (why?) to add realism in there. We compromised by making the image along the lines of my favorite genre, Magic Realism.

I note that the name given for the bird is similar to an area in Nicaragua, called Mechapa.

The shaman resides within a tribal system that contributed DNA to our South American Indians. The Manoamao have a humanoid form, and are covered with tiny feathers. Their beak-like noses are quite similar to those of Peruvian natives. The only location provided was that of the Andromeda Galaxy. It's a big place, so I hope to get more on that.

Created in Rebelle 3 on washi paper and finalized in Photoshop 2020.