Kimberly Darwin
Kimberly Darwin
Channeled Extraterrestrial Art
Los Angeles, United States


This is my 867th--and final--life as a human.

The last hurrah. The grand finale. The home stretch. Corporeal Earth and all of her beauty will be in my rear-view mirror about 100 years.

And yes, I'll be keeping the same body, because I have come to love it.

Who wants their retirement party to be over and done with so quickly? Hell no, I'm celebrating my graduation with as many Earthly pleasures as I can stuff into this final century of human physicality. Tacos, travel, motorcycles, fast cars, plants, and long walks in the Hollywood Hills.

I am a multidimensional cinematographer. My art is created in many forms: 2D, 3D, and physical media including sculpture, mosaic, and things I put on paper. It runs in the family; there was always room for dreaming in our house, and the only limits we had were those we put on ourselves.

It is my intention to leave behind beautiful collaborations that travel the globe and make a mark in Time; I often choose digital forms of art because in a world of unity, we share. It is an honor to channel some amazing beings; those who are living lives that span across the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, as well as those that live in that space right in front of your eyes if you care to look. Such benevolent co-creations leave me in awe of the scope of our Universe. It's vast.

This collaborative art is meant to deliver messages to the viewer; to plant seeds. It is a remembrance of our true divinity. Each of us is on a journey, through a themed set of experiences, for the purpose of expansion. Once we remember our divinity: then integrity, and sovereignty, and kindness become the standards by which all deeds are performed.

My art caters to the dreamers. To those humans who want more than routine. Who want to stretch the imagination to see how far it will go, and then to learn to sit back and watch their thoughts form into the physical reality around them. What seems like magic is really just Universal law, returned to conscious use after a little bit of amnesia.

I hope you dream big, and I hope you transmute every doubt that tells you that you can't. Because you can.

If I can, then you can.

And I can.
And so can you.

May all of your soul's desires be fulfilled, and may love find its way to you in all forms.



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