Plasma Snake - Self Portrait
Plasma Snake - Self Portrait

Plasma Snake - Self Portrait

I was the weird one they whispered about at school. There was word that my mother kept live snakes in the kitchen. Stories of witchcraft, and conjuring, and mystery surrounded us, but not in a good way.

Truth is, she did keep snakes in the kitchen. Yet they were just boas, and they hung out with us when they weren't sleeping, and no spells were cast. Nobody wanted to visit us to find this out, mind you, because a large part of humanity is terrified of snakes.

Archetypically, of course, snakes get a bad rap. The fall of Adam and Eve, evil Reptilians, and having to fight Harry Potter. In my reality, at least, they are benevolent, and they live among us in more places than you'd probably like to know. There are snakes you can see with your physical eyes, and also snakes (and many other animals) that you can't readily see. They are outside of humanity's current visible spectrum, which varies widely from person to person in correlation with their belief systems. As you awaken to the realization that you're creating your reality, your visible spectrum increases. That includes being able to see all sorts of things that were not visible to you before.

Many beings choose to have a more malleable structure; one way is to express in plasma form. Plasma molds easily with its surroundings, and flows like crystalline liquid. Add to this a luminosity to the entity, as if it glows from within. The closest Earthly analogy I can offer is like the substance that travels within a lava lamp.

This snake waited patiently for me to recognize him, and gently provided the instructions for color and movement. Much of this was done with my eyes closed. There was a lot of duplication and repositioning of layers for emphasis, movement and color interaction.

This work is an abstract self-portrait channeled to the best of my ability. He is a happy creature, who slithers (not necessarily on the ground....not to freak you out too much) among the foliage high in the Hollywood Hills, where both visible---and plasma---snakes can enjoy relative freedom.

Created in Rebelle 3.