Twig In Plain Sight - Channeled Art - Pleiadian
Twig In Plain Sight

Twig In Plain Sight

This channel flowed quite easily, with very little interruption from ME, the human editor. It was transmitted by Belessa, a Pleiadian guide that has traveling the planes with me since the 1980's. Despite the longevity of our connection, she's never claimed to have contributed to my artwork before.

Many Pleiadians have given their lives to service in assisting humanity with its evolution at this time on Earth. On my timeline at least, they have committed to this service in response to healing their own past. Much like you would go back and nurture your own inner child, many other galactic entities nuture humanity as we re-balance the energy of the collective. This is integration on the galactic scale.

Belessa's intent here was to show that simple things hold hidden beauty when viewed with new eyes.

You can see this effect by standing at a distance of 3-4 feet from the image. Up close, it looks like a few lines. From afar, something very different.

For often, distancing from an event can help you discern its lessons, purpose, and application.

Created in Rebelle 3 on black coconut paper and finalized in Photoshop.