Blink Of An Eye :: Pleiadian - Extraterrestrial Channeled Art
Blink Of An Eye :: Pleiadian - Channeled Extraterrestrial Art

Blink Of An Eye :: Pleiadian - Channeled Extraterrestrial Art

NO!  I vetoed that!

NO! I vetoed that!

Pre-reveal layer

Pre-reveal layer

Post-reveal layer

Post-reveal layer


"Let's start with an arch," she says. Now those are words dear to my heart, since I have been obsessed with arches since my teenage years.*

An arch, my a$$.

This artwork slipped in (seriously no pun intended) while I thought I was drawing a cave. I've included some alternate layers that I simply couldn't do....I couldn't do them....which brought up lots of questions about.....why?

Of course, religious programming comes up first, where we're taught to feel shame about our bodies. And the collaborating Pleiadian artist, Bellessa, confirmed this. Her intention with this collaboration was to encourage us to review our deeply-ingrained belief systems regarding our own bodies and sexuality. "You are all just too tight about it."

I kid you not. This is what I got. So.....I drew it.

When I got to the "reveal" layer (the final layer inserted somewhere in between those already created, and painted to reveal the ultimate concept ), I was already begging to stop. "That's bad enough right there!" ....and then she added the final touch.

I promise you I am not intending these puns. They are just part of the territory, I guess.

Her explanation: "There are those of you who have chosen to wait to express your sexuality with a particular soul mate per a contract. You believe that experiencing sexuality from higher octaves is worth the effort it takes to feel complete trust with a partner. I want you to know that, in the grand scheme of things, although it seems endless to's really only the blink of an eye on a galactic scale."


Along with this artwork comes a Spotify songlist. This is the first time I've ever saved one in conjunction with a particular piece of artwork.

Here it is:

If you are in this category (along with me and many others I know), please stay true to yourself. She says it's worth the wait.

Created in Rebelle 3 with marker and watercolor on white canvas.
Finished in Photoshop.

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