Earth by Ella

Earth by Ella

This is the first of a series of channeled art in collaboration with Earth Faeries. In this case, the faerie identified herself as Ella, and boy does she like color.

Ella wanted me to portray in VIVID color what the Earth plane looks like to her. She exudes joy, and freedom, and anticipation of when more humans will allow in the Faerie energy. From her perspective, Earth is a magical place full of enticing nature, thunderstorms and flowing energy. If you can imagine a completely free soul with the desire to spread love, joy and laughter, then you've gotten close to how Ella felt.

It was a lot of fun to make and I understand that what I thought was just busy painting was really her interpretation of the way the energy flows between forms on our physical plane. Since her frequency is a bit finer than most humans, she doesn't see things as solid structures, but more as glowing, or vibrating shapes. This is what I attempted to portray here.

This was another piece in which each layer was hidden just after I drew it, so I was always painting on a blank canvas.

Painted in Rebelle 3 on canvas, and blending options applied in Photoshop.

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