Us to You - Earth Fae :: Channeled Interdimensional Art
Us to You - Earth Fae :: Channeled Interdimensional Art

Us to You - Earth Fae :: Channeled Interdimensional Art

Watercolor in Rebelle 3

Watercolor in Rebelle 3

This is the second in a series of images created in collaboration with Earth Fae, or what we call fairies. They've got different names in different areas of the globe (little people, Earth sprites, nymphs, brownies); and they inhabit the same space as you and I. Many are just past the threshold of human vision, and not only because they are crafty....but also due to our belief systems. Kids see them all the time, and if you have a cat, chances are these are the culprits that make it chase what looks like NOTHING around the room.

These elementals are part of your environment, and have a relationship with the planet that humans are just starting to remember. Indigenous tribes have been interacting with them for eons...and Western culture is finally catching up.

This group of entities is quite playful, and rarely a day goes by when some corner of my room isn't lit up with a special glow just to let me know that I'm not alone. It's easy to forget, until you see lights flashing in your bedroom from no recognizable source. After a few times, your doubts fade because there's just too much fun in it to look the other way. Now once that happens, watch out, because practical jokes abound.

This image was painted with each layer hidden as soon as it was drawn. Once I finished all of the layers, it was imported into Photoshop and rearranged until it finished itself, with the simple reduction of the opacity of the sky. You know it's done when you hear applause in your head. Not canned, either, but joyous participation from those thankful to find more humans each day who let down their guard to communicate.

This first piece is called "Us to You."

This is their interpretation of what they think they look us.

Think about it. Each time before you go out, you will look in the mirror and approve, or disapprove, of what you see. You will leave the house with that idea about yourself, and present yourself to others. They can read that energy, and they will react to it in their own particular manner, based on their history, their opinions, and their prejudices. But always have a choice as to what idea you hold about yourself. You have no control over others' judgments, but you always control your own.

So how do you think you look to other people? Do you present your most authentic self to everyone that you meet? Do you care?

Their representation as colored orbs isn't all that far from my truth, yet the muted colors imply to me that they believe humanity really focuses on the darkness more than necessary. There is plenty of beauty to focus on right where you are, right now.

The second in the series, which I have already started, is an interpretation of what Earth looks like to them. The two paintings are diametrically opposed, which really stirs up some contemplation about how humanity is viewed by other races, while we are in this stage of deep polarity.

Created in Rebelle 3 with marker, acrylic, and watercolor on canvas.
Finished in Photoshop.

I recorded the process, and will post the link when it's finished.

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