Three Flowers :: Channeled Art - Pleiadian
Three Flowers :: Channeled Art - Pleiadian

Three Flowers :: Channeled Art - Pleiadian

This piece, although one of the simplest I've channeled yet, was a test of patience. I need lighting! Shadows! Dark places with mystery! Belessa, a Pleiadian contact specialist, was having none of it.

She insisted that I not make the flowers look like something on Earth, because "they are not on Earth." So here's me, moving around the image she is projecting to me, holographic style, trying my best to recall what it looked like when it got back down to the hand drawing it. Coordination, back and forth, between internal image and digital application.

She may have thrown up her hands in frustration, I don't know, because we put it away for a few weeks and finally came back to it, but we didn't make any changes. She discouraged me from blending things....and that, to me, was like someone telling me to sit on my hands and make art.

(I did get a tiny bit of shading in on that back stem, and blended it real fast. But I got caught. She let it slide with some levity.)

If you look up into the sky, you can see the Pleiades, or what we call the Seven Sisters. This is really a misnomer, as there are really 9 stars rather than 7. Either way, it's always a peaceful part of the sky for me.

Created in Rebelle 3 with acrylics and pastels, on black Washi paper.
Finished in Photoshop.