Them - Channeled Art by Tall Whites - Arcturus


This channeled art was created through collaboration with a member of what humans call the Tall Whites. She calls herself Maria, but only to satisfy the human requirement that everyone be identified by a name. Maria has been gently urging me to create with more abandon, trying colors and techniques that are 'alien' to me. This is one such work, which challenged my patience in many ways. I fought the urge to over-humanize the beings, focusing intently on the images Maria sent me and suppressing the mind filter humans depend on to make sense of our reality. And the drips that fall off the paper at the bottom nearly sent me into a frenzy. They violate every single law of perspective....and this, I'm told, is a good lesson for me. I can break rules if I want to. It's art.

Subject matter is still a mystery to me. She was quite silent on the source of the image...and when that happens, it's not quite time to reveal it. So we wait, and I'll update this page when the answer arrives.

The Tall Whites are a magnificent group of people, and I have had the pleasure of working with them on several occasions. They are indeed tall (one man I worked with was 8'6") and their skin is matte chalky white. The women are stunning; if you like Swedish women (who doesn't?) then you would probably find one attractive.

If you do research the Tall Whites, know that much of what I've seen written is authored by fearful people, from a fearful time in Earth's "history"; and as such these beings are portrayed in a negative light. This is not my experience, although I have seen some grumpiness much like the uncle who falls asleep in the chair at a family gathering. I would call myself grumpier than that guy, and on a more regular basis, for sure.

The work is created in Rebelle 3 with black Mulberry paper, and finalized in Photoshop.