Live Galactic Models (4)
Live Galactic Models (4)

Live Galactic Models (4)

When the polarity of physical life overwhelms me, I can start to look at things from the basement level. We all do this, of course. Yet viewing the world consistently from that level will bring you more of the same. Down there, the imagination is stifled, for it largely snuffs out the possibility of "magic" happening around you.

I fell down there, and this piece of artwork was created from a pep talk I received from my closest guides at this time. "We'll pose for you! Let's make some art!"

Seriously, that's how it came into my head.

So here they are, channeling their interpretations of themselves at the level of Light....the Merkaba and physical representations combined for easier recognition. Belessa the Pleiadian, my favorite Reptilian, and a mantis being that reminds me (with levity) that shorter is not weaker.

The fourth being, behind, decided to forego the vehicular representation altogether, and just go with Light.

This bystander, always patient and understanding with the tantrum-throwing human part of me, just called itself "Self." So there you have it.

As with most of my art, make sure you view it from a distance of a meter or more away in order to see what's really going on.

Created in Rebelle 3 on deckled black straw paper, and finished in Photoshop.