Redforest Revisited
Rainforest Green marble in its natural state.

Rainforest Green marble in its natural state.

An album art sample I made for

Originated from a photograph of Rainforest Green marble, which happened to be my countertop in my ranch in Phoenix. It seems like years ago that I lived that life. I rediscovered Rainforest Green at the West Hollywood sheriff's office, where I waited for a very long time to turn in another wallet I found on the street. The front counter is covered in the stuff, so to keep myself busy, I snapped photo after photo of the counter. The other people waiting to bail their drunk friends out of jail didn't find it amusing whatsoever.

So if you end up there, make sure to check out the counter. You might be waiting a while for assistance. It's a sleepy town most of the time.

Created from an original photograph and manipulated in Procreate.