Small Dog / Large Cat Urn :: Channeled By the Pet

This urn was channeled to me by its owner, who has yet to pass away. I sensed a dog, but it might be a bold, weathered cat. There seems to be part of an ear missing. The animal transmitted the tone of the piece, with a reference to the human companion to whom he would be saying goodbye when the time comes. There was great respect for the human counterpart, and care was given that the slightly macabre feel to it still honored both pet and owner's temperaments. Animal love is so pure; it's easy to fall in love so quickly with our pets.

This animal has lived a journey of a life. Perhaps shelter-adopted, its early years encompassed some struggle among the humans sharing the environment. Pets come as companions to help us grow, to stabilize our energy, and to provide love when other humans just can't find it in them to share themselves. So many layers to unravel, those of us on Earth at this time. And without animals, this planet would be a much darker place.

This urn started with a handmade alder box; then was covered with Tyvek, which is used for Priority Mail bags, kites and house wrapping. It's nearly indestructible, except when focused heat is applied to it, which I happily did to provide texture. I've made quilts, and clothes, and handbags from Tyvek, but this is my first urn. Each piece of Tyvek was measured, painted, shrunk, layered, painted again with acrylics, edged with modeling paste, and painted some more. Little bits of glass, beads and smalti were added to give it some movement.

This is a celebration urn of a life well-lived. Not an easy life, but a joyous one nonetheless.

If you think that this is your pet's urn, please let me know and we'll talk. It won't take me long to identify that energy.

Dimensions: 5" length x 5" width x 6" height (including feet).