A Woman's Right to Reincarnate With Crows

So this photo was dug out of the bottom of a crate in an antiques store somewhere in Nevada. The girl, who really looks like she belongs at Miss Peregrine's home, is a dead ringer for me at that same age. Like, exactly. I would show you but I have no photos of myself pre-2005, when Hurricane Katrina washed them all into the Gulf.

This piece is constructed as a layered mosaic on wood, with tesserae I made from hand-dyed cotton fabric, busted windshield glass, vintage Greek Orthodox religious cards, ephemera, and copper leaf. It says, "Women's rights are many. To be well, happy, good looking." Truth, right out of the 1932 Almanac. It's fun to find other (weird) versions of the Self hidden in odd places.

Size: 11" wide x 13" tall x 7/8" deep.