Spider Jungle :: Manoamao Tribe - Andromeda :: Channeled Extraterrestrial Art
Spider Jungle :: Manoamao Tribe - Andromeda

Spider Jungle :: Manoamao Tribe - Andromeda

I was tricked into this one. The contact specialist did have some levity about her, and she said I'd have a special guest, which by the waviness of the lines I was drawing, I expected to be aquatic. Instead, there was a group of collaborators, with one part translating for the rest of the group that wasn't so good at communicating with humans.

This, it turns out, is a spider jungle. On the planet in which my guides currently dwell in the Andromeda galaxy, there are insects similar to our spiders. They don't build webs out in the open to catch things, per se, but rather their entire home is enclosed within a mass of plants and whatever they spin their webs out of. The web material looked similar to our Earth spider webs, but was stronger and shinier.

It was emphasized that there is no fear of spiders like we have here on Earth. The archetype isn't present there. They live peacefully among the housing structures of other species, which is reflected in the door that emerged after the "reveal" layer was filled. I didn't have any context as to whether this structure was microscopically tiny, or giant "Hollywood B-movie" size. And when I asked....

I was told to open my eyes. He had included himself in the image. If you can find him, you'll see the scale of the jungle. The Manoamao Tribe is a peaceful tribe, and provided DNA for our South American Indians. So that may give you an idea of scale. He also told me that they never destroy webs like we do on our planet. They are considered sacred and they maintain the balance of their environment; he didn't say how.

These last few pieces of art have been created by drawing layers upon layers, and keeping lower ones hidden so that I don't know what the finished piece will look like. When I'm told we're done, I start turning on each layer, and then a blank "reveal" layer is created. The hand moves it between certain layers, and then a dark color is added to reveal what's behind the whole thing. It never ceases to amaze me how each one has a hidden treasure. Often you must stand back a bit from the artwork, but this time there are features visible on both a micro and macro scale.

Created in Rebelle 3 on rough white paper.
Finished in Photoshop.