AwakeCon Mickey
AwakeCon Mickey

AwakeCon Mickey

Mickey the Gnome meets me every day at the top of the Bird Streets in Hollywood, CA. He actually likes to hang around construction sites, which I find quite puzzling. Don't gnomes like nature and stuff?

Mickey is different. He wants to get into the process of "humaning." How an entire race can have such varying beliefs and how those beliefs manifest into physical action. Beautiful kind actions, and some not so kind actions, all based on what a single person considers their truth.

All that heaviness is mine, not Mickey's. Here's what he says:

"Play more, and your actions will turn from wars to pillow fights in no time."

...Right from the gnome's mouth!

This Mickey was created for the inaugural AwakeCon, Earth's first multidimensional conference. Check it out here:

Mixed in Photoshop CC with all original 3D rendering, photographs, sculpture, pen and ink drawing and a nearby carpenter bee. The flowers really were that color!

Photo origins:
Isle of Man, UK
Denali, Alaska
West Hollywood, California